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Social media is a powerful tool in 
public relations. 

Image by Karsten Winegeart

Spain and public relations

a look at the role of social media in the planning of modern communications

Social media has changed the field of public relations with its abilities to communicate a message in a bidirectional manner with a target audience... but the changes depend on the preferences and customers in a region.


My Observations     
Interview with Lady Moustache

Lady Moustache is...     

a small agency in Pamplona with a specialty in strategy  

“personalized and complete strategies for every client”, according to Xabier Iriarte, director of projects and strategy 

Navarra is the home to many rural cities, and for this reason, public relations here has a unique focus to communicate the value of the region to local citizens and tourists alike. 


The process at Lady Moustache when planning a campaign includes:

  • considering the publics

  • the design

  • wording/copy

  • visuals

  • supporting tactics


This traditional method of planning is used to give structure and direction to a campaign, and with this, a foundation for social media strategy is created. 


What is the role of social media in Spanish communications campaigns


What platforms are most popular or does it depend on the goal of the campaign? 


How is social media strategy formed?


What is an example of a successful campaign that utilized social media? 

Research Questions

Observation One 
Each platform serves a unique purpose in communications strategy  

Two juxtaposing examples represent the different abilities offered by social media to resonate with the public. 

By looking at Lady Moustache's projects,  it is possible to see the role of social media in Spain today.

Observation Two
Social media is able to unify creative ideas and serve as the best method to reach the chosen target audience

Lady Moustache created the social media strategy for the animal burger at Butchers Smashed Burgers.

By linking colorful images with modern music, the campaign established a distinct brand for the product launch while engaging the target audience.

Campaign aspects

  • modern trends

  • influencer marketing

  • a limited-time offer

  • code-switching with informal language in Spanish and English 

  • The campaign is connected to trap-reggaeton references, especially using the style of  artist J. Balvin


In a brand change for NUADI, an automotive business in Navarra that produces brake parts, Lady Moustache focused on the technical nature of the campaign to resonate with professionals in a business-to-business (B2B) setting.

The platforms:

LinkedIn and Twitter were used to connect with engineers and other sector professionals.

Campaign aspects

  • clear branding

  • technical language 

  • specialized hashtags (#) like #ElectricVehicle y #NULOKshims

Navarra Wine Route

Navarra Wine Route  is an example of the utilization of social media to reach the general public and tourists. 

The campaign promotes wine tourism and the rural beauty of Navarra. 

The platforms:

Instagram, Facebook and YouTube

YouTube has more than 30,000 views on the main video spot which is offered in three languages.

Campaign aspects

  • Traditional methods (brochures, press releases) with digital tactics (​web page, videos, social media) 

  • Unifying slogan, “Love for land, passion for wine"

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 9.26.25 PM.png
ruta del vin.gif

Butchers Animal Burger

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